Dantz Dynamix’s Hip-Hop program is multi-leveled with evolving dynamics, direction, and style! Hip Hop is a popular genre offering here and tends to fill up quickly. In the first introductory levels, the staple steps of hip hop are explored. A foundation is set and the funkier side of dance is introduced. Hip-hop students are encouraged to break out of their comfort zone through a self-expressive dance circle at the end of the class. As the levels progress, different movements and styles are explored as their age and ability increases. In the higher levels, there is less focus on the staple steps and more of an exploration of various styles through a foundation of strong technique and musicality. Age appropriate music is always selected for each level, keeping each class a fun and exciting environment for all!


45 minute class: $40/month
60 minute class:  $45/month
75 minute class:  $53/month
90 minute class:  $58/month

NOTE:  Dantz Dynamix offers a discount for two or more classes taken in the same family.  Please refer to our fee schedule.

Dress Code:

Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and hair secured tightly out of face. Dancers may also wear black short spandex with a form-fitting black tank top.





Other Fees:

$20 registration fee

For ballet classes, often times we have students rent a costume for a fee of $15-$20/year.  However, if your dancer’s class does order a costume, the cost is approximately $50-$60.  $30 will be due in October or November and the balance will be due in either November or December.  If you register second semester (January), $30 will be due in February or March and the balance will be due in either March or April.

$12 recital fee each semester

“My daughter has been with Dantz Dynamix for 8 years.  She has learned so much from Holli and Kerri, not only technical skills, but also how to work hard for competitions.   I believe the confidence she gets from performing will continue to be a benefit for her in all the activities she chooses to participate in!  The kids on team work hard and put many hours in at the studio.  Holli and Kerri are true role models to these kids and we are so happy to be part of this dance company!"  Tammi H.