The many styles of tap dance are explored in these classes. Like Jazz, lessons and classes for children and teens are available in various levels.


45 minute class: $40/month
60 minute class:  $45/month
75 minute class:  $53/month
90 minute class:  $58/month

NOTE:  Dantz Dynamix offers a discount for more than two or more classes taken in the same family.  Please refer to our fee schedule.

Dress Code:

Comfortable, form-fitting clothes, such as spandex and a tank top or leotard and tights and black tap shoes.  Hair should be secured out of face. 

NOTE:  There are a couple different styles of tap shoes so please check with your instructor.



Dantz Dynamix

Other Fees:

 Approximately $50-$60 costume fee.  $30 will be due in October or November and the balance will be due in either November or December.  If you register second semester (January), $30 will be due in February or March and the balance will be due in either March or April.

$12 recital fee each semester